Kallen Kingdom Adventures

A Pact

The party interrogated the captured raider, and learned that Liam is the leader of a small army of mercenaries called the Bloody Fangs. They have two camps near Duckfield, and the rest are running similar operations across the northern lands. The party learned that Liam and about 25-35 of his soldiers are held up at an old fort in the Duckwood. They are repairing the fort. The second group of men attacking the other villages along the lake are operating from an unknown location east of the lake. The party wanted to attempt to infiltrate the fort and slay Liam, but Lady Amalia forbade them from leaving the village unprotected. Silas and Regus recommended digging out trenches to hinder and funnel the raiders into a containable area. The party learned of a trio of gorgons living out on the island in the middle of the lake, and after speaking with Elton (the Wizard of the Lake), the party set out to treat with the gorgans for their aid against the raiders. Trim II convinced some dire bears not to eat the party, and then the party met with Deneb. Deneb is the leader of this coven, and set out terms for Lady Amalia that they would protect the village in exchange for citizenship. Amalia and the party negotiated with Deneb and the gorgons but an accord was reached. Amalia signed their contract, and agreed to bind the bloodline of Garm The Winter Knight to the Coven until such a time as her family dies out.

Deneb walks swiftly, dragging a stick methodically through the sand. The lithe woman digs in and pulls away sharply. She walks a few steps, and makes shallow gashes. To the onlooking villagers, the graceful woman appears almost to be painting in the sand. With a final stroke the symbols Deneb draws into sand emit a blue light. She turns to the young Amalia, petite but trying to look strong and beckons her forward. The young noble walks forward without hesitation, though a careful onlooker would see a slight trembling. Deneb extends her hand to the girl, Amalia takes it. Deneb clears her throat, and declares,
“With this, may the Sisters of the Isle be forever joined to Duckfield and it’s people. As protectors, as citizens, as family.” The women begin to chant, the symbols cascade a rainbow of power. Amalia slices her hand with a dagger, Deneb does the same. She plants the dagger between them in the sand and a bright flash momentarily blinds the onlookers. When their vision returns, the lines of the ritual circle have been turned to glass. Deneb lowers the cowl of her robe and looks toward the party. Deneb’ss eyes are a soft lavender, and short copper snakes frame her face. The villagers gasp and turn away in fear. After tense moments, the onlookers turn back. Deneb smiles warmly, like a mother looking upon her children and declares “It is alright. You are all safe.”
A few hours later a boat lands on the shore, carrying three young gorgons. Deneb meets them at the beach, and walks them to Lady Amalia’s manor.

Lord Mandolin

The party, with drought in hand made their way to Lord Mandolin’s estate. They meet a trio of hill giants, two of which they kill. The remaining giant, Bulthor, joins the party. After a disagreement between Sylas and Sticks, the party is rebuffed and sent away. Sticks breaks into the estate, and is arrested but delivers the drought. Lord Mandolin sends out men to retrieve the rest of the party. They are imprisoned within the estate, after Sticks’ talk of assassins to Lord Mandolin. The morning comes to find Eleanor Mandolin recovered by the drought, and the party is brought before Mandolin. After declaring fealty to the Lord, the party is sent to Duckfield, to help the new Lady Amalia of Duckfield in the face of her parents death. Lord Mandolin offers his mansion as a base of operations for them in the area.

The party encounter a smaller grawstank on the way to Duckfield. Rasheed and Trim believe it could have been the Grawstank’s baby. Many horses where killed. The party arrived as Lady Amalia’s home in Duckfield to find the house staff in a tizzy. The head maid sent the party to the Flopping Fishery to await Lady Amalia.


Sylas spoke with the Temple Knight Lans about the rumor of Lord Mandolin’s daughter being comatose. Lans’ suggested he knew of a fountain in a hidden archive a colleague of his found. The party journeyed to the library, and promised a large black talking serpent to bring it treasure in exchange for their lives. Within the library the party discovered a teleportation circle connected to a massive globe. They discovered an underground garden, and a red falchion. The party killed a dryad, and moved onto the third floor. On the third floor, the party discovered a massive room filled with books. They also discovered an eight tier fountain, and statues of seven human gods. They were beset upon by cursed earthen monsters and forced out, but managed to obtain the drought.

Back to River's End!

The party escaped the Dullahan’s Homestead after Chaska, Lans, and Zayne took a dip in the river. With night falling the party made their way to a secret elven rest stop. There the party met the elven ranger Quim, and the dwarven cleric Abdul. In the night the party was attacked by two vampire spawn that had come from the woods.

The party split in the morning. Sylas and Lans headed toward River’s End to inform the local authorities about the demise of the bandits plaguing caravans on the road. Sticks, Reygus, Zayne, Quim, Abdul, and Chaska tracked the monstrous Grawstank to a local farm. The Chimera ravaged the farm, and the party returned to the city. Sylas and Lans parted at the Temple of Demhun after informing the ministry about the bandits, the mysterious figure known as Morgoth, and the fruit of the underworld.

The party visited a local tavern, The Griffon’s Roost, and shared information about the Grawstank. Sticks unlocked the lock box found in the secret altar in the forest village to find a reddish/orange fruit. Believing it may be a piece of fruit of the underworld the party discussed what to do with it, deciding to see the Starry Tower mages guild. Sticks also gathered information on some rumors. (see potential quest log page on wiki)

The Forest Town

The party made their way deep into the forest, and befriended an Ahuizotl. They discovered the mercenaries at an abandoned village, which was encircled in a ward that repelled the undead. A tense battle ensued, a race against time between the undead at the parties heels and the mercenaries across the bridge. One of the mercenaries was turned into an Ogre, a fabled demon of immense strength. The party routed the town and hid on the side in which the ward as still active. A brutish looking but kind guard was devoured by an allip, and the party learned of the existence of the knight named Morgoth, who paying them to harry supply lines to the Dragonneck Gates and make Lord Mandolin look foolish. A spellcaster spoke to the party from admist the undead, claiming to be the leader of the horde and beckoned the party to join it willingly. Sticks shot an arrow at him. The town was laid siege to by the undead. In the night the Ahuizotl turned undead, and attacked Chaska. Now the party must escape the Dullahan’s Homestead.

Chance Encounter (Dullahan)

Chaska, Trim, Sticks & Stones, and Ruyger entered the outskits of the Dullahan’s Homestead in search of bandits. They met the Temple Knight Lans Hamilton of Algonia. They worked together for a short period of time dispatching bandits but the fun was cut short when they encounter the Dullahan, which led to the death of Trim. The party retreated from the woods to the near by fort where they burned Trim’s ghoulish corpse. After a brief argument between Lans and Chaska, Lans left the party to pursue the bandits on his own.

Hunting trip
trim, chaska

Trimand Chaska head out into the forest and come upon a great bear. They masterfully take down the beast thus providing sustinence for the great party.


So we all came to town because of an older asian woman that has an adventurer training school that we want to attend. Every autumn she has a get together with former students to spread the tales of their great adventures. We are all former students or have been raised by her in our younger years. As the game starts we are in the town the day of the large party.


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