Kallen Kingdom Adventures

The Forest Town

The party made their way deep into the forest, and befriended an Ahuizotl. They discovered the mercenaries at an abandoned village, which was encircled in a ward that repelled the undead. A tense battle ensued, a race against time between the undead at the parties heels and the mercenaries across the bridge. One of the mercenaries was turned into an Ogre, a fabled demon of immense strength. The party routed the town and hid on the side in which the ward as still active. A brutish looking but kind guard was devoured by an allip, and the party learned of the existence of the knight named Morgoth, who paying them to harry supply lines to the Dragonneck Gates and make Lord Mandolin look foolish. A spellcaster spoke to the party from admist the undead, claiming to be the leader of the horde and beckoned the party to join it willingly. Sticks shot an arrow at him. The town was laid siege to by the undead. In the night the Ahuizotl turned undead, and attacked Chaska. Now the party must escape the Dullahan’s Homestead.


Sturnface5847 Sturnface5847

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