Kallen Kingdom Adventures

Lord Mandolin

The party, with drought in hand made their way to Lord Mandolin’s estate. They meet a trio of hill giants, two of which they kill. The remaining giant, Bulthor, joins the party. After a disagreement between Sylas and Sticks, the party is rebuffed and sent away. Sticks breaks into the estate, and is arrested but delivers the drought. Lord Mandolin sends out men to retrieve the rest of the party. They are imprisoned within the estate, after Sticks’ talk of assassins to Lord Mandolin. The morning comes to find Eleanor Mandolin recovered by the drought, and the party is brought before Mandolin. After declaring fealty to the Lord, the party is sent to Duckfield, to help the new Lady Amalia of Duckfield in the face of her parents death. Lord Mandolin offers his mansion as a base of operations for them in the area.

The party encounter a smaller grawstank on the way to Duckfield. Rasheed and Trim believe it could have been the Grawstank’s baby. Many horses where killed. The party arrived as Lady Amalia’s home in Duckfield to find the house staff in a tizzy. The head maid sent the party to the Flopping Fishery to await Lady Amalia.


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