Elves are a hearty people who live off the land. They commune and revere the animist spirits of the worlds, Most tribes are nomadic, preferring to follow their herds across the plans of Eastern Kallen but there are rumors of secret Elven cities deep in the forests, and far north past the Dragonneck Mountains.

The Elves remain aloof of the political workings of humans, gnomlings and dwarves. They are probably the only people readily accepted by both societies. While they respect the other civilized races, they are not quick to share their secret homesteads. They have ancient crafting techniques, and are superb mounted warriors. The Elves are weary the giants of the mountains, believing them to be the insane warriors of a mad god, though respect that they are essentially the first line of defense from the hordes of Luska’s monsters. The Elves hate the Lizardfolk, as all civilized races hate the bastard brood and last of the savage dragonkin.


Notable Figures


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