Kingdom of Kallen history


The Kingdom was founded in ancient times. The Barbarian King Reed ransacked the continent from the Dragonneck Mountains to the eastern coasts of Oshu. He was eventually stopped by an army of desperate farmers and soldiers who had joined forces with the clans of the sturn mountain. Josef Hulstaag I takes the throne in Kallen City, and established a tradition of fostering his children with the Clans during their teen years.

King Julian Hulstaag:

Julian Hulstaag was known as the Joyful King. Julian was a child when he took the throne, and his supporters would call him the joyful king as he played in the training yards amongst the knights. At twelve he was married to Adelaide Montmarre, the eldest daughter of Grand Duke Frederick Montmarre. His older half-brother, Cormic, was jealous of Julian and married Greta Sustrain, wife to Grand Duke Archibald Sustrain. With the support of the Grand Duke and his followers Cormic Hulstaag began a vicious war for the throne. The war lasted five years, and ended when King Julian and his honor guard of Sturn Mountain Mercenaries struck down his brother.

Death of Julian Hulstaag:

Julian Hulstaag fell gravely ill at the age of twenty two, and perished. A small army of Sturn Clan mercenaries laid siege to the city, declaring that the king was poisoned. They held the governing nobles in the city accountable, publicly executed them and returned to the Sturn Mountains before the arrival of Grand Duke Montmarre’s army. This broke the alliance between the Sturn Clan and the royal family. Grand Duke Montmarre took over the Kingdom as Regent after the birth of Josef IV Hulstaag to Queen Adelaide, shortly after the death of Julian.

Dragon Cult Hunts:

A Kingdom wide period of turmoil began after a group of Watchdogs discovered a Dragon Cult in the heart of the city of Kallen. Watchdog Inquisitors swept through major towns and cities searching for cultist activities. Going so far as to call Imperial Inquisitors from the Algonian Empire, many people where tried and executed. Eventually Queen Adelaide proclaimed an end to the hunts, though Inquisitors remain vigilant within the kingdom.

Kingdom of Kallen history

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