People of Note

Lord Holstead Mandolin -
Lord Mandolin is the ruler of the northern region of Kallen. His subjects maintain the Dragonneck Gates, which protect Kallen from the wilds of the Dragonneck Mountains and beyond. He is a rival of the more influential Lord Lusk.

Lady Eleanor Mandolin -
Daughter and Heir to Lord Mandolin. Quiet, comely if somewhat plump.

Lady Amalia of Duckfield –
Current Lady of Duckfield. Descendant of Garm the Winter Knight.

Deneb of the Isle –
Deneb is the leader of a gorgon coven on the island in the middle of Duckfield Lake. Her people have joined Duckfield. She is purportedly a powerful spellcaster. She has a mothers demeanor.

Lord Martin Lusk –
Lord of the rich lands south of Mandolin, he is wealthy and powerful as well as nephew to the Archduke. It is rumored he is behind the bandit attacks on supplies to the Dragonneck Gates.

Mitra Yung –
An old woman from the Oshu Provinces. She runs an orphanage in the small city of River’s End. She takes in people she believes are special and have a great destiny. She has started the party of a quest to gain the favor of lord mandolin, as she believes something terrible is on the horizon and that is intertwined with the party’s destiny.

Temple Knight Lans Corrigan -
Lans is a Temple Knight of Demhun from the Algonian Empire across the sea. He is working to deal with the bandits that have taken up home in Dullahan’s Homestead. He does not care much for Chaska.

Morgoth -
A foreign knight who hired a group of mercenaries to harry supply lines to the Dragonneck Gates to undermine Lord Mandolin’s competence.

People of Note

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